Welcome to the ILUC Project Transparency Platform

In an assignment for the European Commission, a consortium of Ecofys, IIASA and E4tech will use the GLOBIOM model to assess indirect land use change impacts of conventional and advanced biofuels consumed in the EU. This website has been created to present the project’s objectives, provide background information on GLOBIOM and present the methodology used and the project results.


ILUC study now available online

Our consortium is pleased to announce the publication of the final report of our study on ILUC using the GLOBIOM model.

The study performed by Ecofys, IIASA and E4tech in 2013-2015 builds on best available science on the topic and benefits from many inputs received through consultations and exchanges with stakeholders and scientists.

The report can be accessed on the European Commission website through this link.
(The copyright lies with the European Commission.)

The project is now formally closed but feedbacks and comments will still be collected on the email address ILUC@ecofys.com.