Improvements to the model

The GLOBIOM model is well suited for the purpose of modelling ILUC. However, further improvements to the model are possible and the consortium has invited stakeholders to provide input on possible improvements. The result of the consultation on improvements has led to a first proposal of modifications to GLOBIOM circulated in February 2014, available here.

Stakeholder consultation provided valuable input for the final selection of improvements to be implemented in GLOBIOM. The selection is published below.

   Full list of suggested improvements and final shortlist to be implemented in GLOBIOM

During the spring and summer 2014, research has been completed to modify the model on the topics selected and improve various features. The results of the research and description of changes is available below.

   Detailed improvements to the GLOBIOM model for ILUC assessment

Note: an earlier draft of this document was circulated in September 2014 and is archived here.