The project will be performed between mid-2013 and early 2015 and consists of three successive phases: i) consultation and decision on modelling approach and methodological improvements ii) improve and test GLOBIOM iii) modelling including sensitivity analyses and reporting on results.

Timeline Tasks
September-October 2013
  • First documents on the project and GLOBIOM sent to stakeholders
  • Formation of the Scientific Advisory Committee
November 2013
  • Consultation with Scientific Advisory Committee members and stakeholders on ILUC modelling and suggested improvements to the GLOBIOM model
January 2014
  • Meeting with the Scientific Advisory Committee to discuss the model iImprovement plan and the baseline and scenario design.
February 2014
  • Consultation with the stakeholders on the model improvement plan and the baseline and scenario design.
March 2014
  • Final decisions on improvements to GLOBIOM and on baseline, feedstocks and policy scenarios.
April-July 2014
  • Implementation of changes to GLOBIOM
September 2014-Early 2015
  • Modelling and sensitivity analyses
  • Discuss draft results with Advisory Committee
  • Prepare study report